Dental clinic in Bulgaria

Our team composed by French and Bulgarian experts in oral-dental care has operated patients coming from Europe, Russian and America for 15 years. Our experience associated with a big brand of dental implants and latest generation materials is a real guarantee of quality.

Dental implant clinic

Our dental clinic is situated in the centre of Sofia, in the classy quarter of Vitosha. The service Anveli Medical aims to propose high quality treatment in dental surgery on best cost in an ultra-modern clinic in a big European capital. Our assistance line is 24/24h, during and after your medical stay.

Why dental clinic in Sofia?

theater medical tourism Bulgaria SofiaSofia is a big European capital, renowned for the quality of the medicine and its high qualification. Its dental faculty is attended by number of students from all Europe coming to profit by the advantages of Bulgarian universities.
Sofia is a modern city in full expansion. The large number of building constructions reflects the rapidly-evolving economy which is not the case in other regions of the country.

Stay in Sofia (suite) …

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What is the quality of the medicine in this country?
Our dental clinic Anveli in Sofia propose a high quality service on better price. Latest equipment and infrastructure allow us to receive our patients in a perfect environment and offer to our foreign patients a better quality care than the one in their country. This is our main goal: to surpass Swiss and French clinics. Our clinic works with Biomed®  and Ihde Dental® from  Switzerland where our two surgeons have been trained.

The difference

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Anveli Medical through Anveli Group Ltd. Is the only clinic which owns an official TA-TO agency in Europe. It guarantees the quality of offered services for patients as for surgeons which relies on this dedicated service for all administrative tasks, the translation, as well the receiving of patients. The translating stuff is present on all stages of the surgery.


– You have an insurance
– A clear quote without any surcharges
– Surgeons trained in Switzerland
– Best prices in Europe thanks to the advantageous fiscal system
– Assistance 24/24h

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