Basal implant diagnosis with significant bone loss

Résultat bridge biocomposite sur implants en profil.

Dental implants without bone graft despite atrophy

Joelle from France shares her experience with treatment with basal implants in the presence of an important bone atrophy.

Testimony before and after treatment with implants

Joëlle wore removable prostheses for 20 years. This long period without teeth or implants caused several bone atrophy. She wanted to put on implants. However, in view of the extreme bone atrophy it presented, only bone grafts involving several years of treatment were proposed to him without guarantee of success. Looking for an alternative to bone grafting, she found Anveli Dental on the internet. Despite the complexity of his medical case, we have drawn up his treatment plan and carried out the treatment carried out by Professor Ihde in 10 days.Résultats après la pose des implants

Prof Stefan Ihde : Surgery

The surgery was carried out by Professor Ihde. On the first day 10 Ihde Dental® basal implants were placed in 1 hour 30 minutes. The second day 8 Ihde Dental implants were placed.
The prostheses were made by our prosthetic engineer Yuri Mitrushchenkov. Russian expert and lecturer at the International Implant Foundation specializing in prosthetics on basal implants. The prosthetic phase was managed by Dr. Olga Sipic. The color of the teeth chosen by the patient is A2.

Testimonial on Prof Ihde surgery and Anveli Dental services

Joelle shares her experience with Anveli on the last day of her stay.
Satisfied with her treatment, she begins to get used to her new dentition. The whole Anveli team wishes her a happy smile and thank her for her friendliness and for having accepted to testify in front of our camera

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