Without bone graft – BCS IHDE Dental solution

Solution basal BCS® IHDE® implant – without sinus lift or bone graft

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14 -> 20.05.2017
Color of the teeth: A1.
Materials: Ceramic metal skeleton, BCS® & Ihde Dental® & Biomed®


Pre operative of the patient situation

bad dental situation panoramic x-ray infection

Before the treatment:
All teeth are still present but in a State not allowing their restoration.

Day 1:
accommodated at Lozenetz hotel. The transfer is supported by the service “Anveli Travel”.

photo patient pendant l'opération dentaire

Day 2:
Medical imaging, scanner and 3D X – ray
Consultation with our surgeon, prosthetist and cardiologist.
Proposed treatment plan: Extraction of 5 teeth and placement of 5 dental implants Ihde® Biomed® type BCS®, care and treatment of the canal tooth, Inlay core and Placement of crowns on all the teeth of the maxilla

The treatment:

patient après l'opération de la pose implant dentaire basaux

It is made in 3 days by leveraging the lab within the clinic.
As a first step, yet stable teeth are treated, root canal tretment and inlay Core.
The patient chose the color of the teeth.
The unstable teeth are extracted and BCS® or KOS® implants are placed immediately. (They are designed especially for this)
During the next two days, the patient visits the clinic several times. The crowns are placed on the roots of the teeth and the implants. This is an intensive treatment for the team. Each specialized practice room is used.

After 3 days of treatment

sourire patient

Day 3
The patient goes again for two visits to Anveli Dental Clinic in order to achieve (essential to the success of the intervention) balancing and various controls.
Crowns and bridges are sealed, the patient is fully satisfied.

After 5 days of treatment. The document allowing the patient a refund of social security are given as well as a complete medical file

Dennis gives us his first impression out of Anveli Dental Clinic

The success rate of basal technology new generation BCS is the highest compared with traditional implantologies methods , but always keep in mind that it is you, the patient, who play the main role in the success of the treatment medium and long term.
Testimony made end-of-treatment in front of the clinic.
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