Basal implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

resultat avant après implan dentaire bouche complète couronne métallo-céramique

Full mouth reconstruction

BCS Implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

resultat avant après implant dentaire bouche complète couronne métallo-céramique

Man 68 years old from France, from 23rd November to 4th December 2014

radio avant la pose des implants dentaires défficit osseux important

1 hour before the surgery

All health examinations and tests , as well a mouth disinfection are performed. Thus, implant placement is prepared.

Duration of stay: 10 days

Fully edentulous patient. A significant jawbone atrophy of maxilla, severe jaw bone loss.
Plan of treatment:
12 implants Biomed KOS (new generation basal) on maxilla
10 implants Biomed KOS – BCS on mandible
2 Bridges of 14 crowns (immediate loading)

radio panoramique edentation totale defficit osseux implant dentaire

A significant jawbone loss

A severe jawbone loss would lead to bone grafting and a sinus lift with a crestal claasic implantology.

Here, with new generation basal implantology and placement of BCS and KOS implants, 98% of risks of infections on sinus zone, due normally to bone grafting, are avoided.

implant dentaire basal bcs ihde dental toutes les dents

5th day, the porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge is ready. 

The patient chose the color and the form of teeth.

1 hour after the surgery

One hour after the surgery, 12 implants were placed. The dental surgeon decides during the surgery the optimal number of implants to be placed to guarantee the best result. In this case, as the loss of jawbone is significant, it was decided to place implants of smaller size, but a greater number. (No additional fee was charged to the patient for the 4 added implants).
The treated zone is clean without any traumatism, hematomas, or pain. The duration of surgery was 3 hours. The patient has stayed like this for 48h. A protection is placed to protect the mandibular gum.

Bridge dentaire implantoporté couronne sur implant résultat avant après

6th Day, bridge is fixed on implants on the mandible. 

Last adjustments are made. The patient chose a white color A2 with light yellow gradient between teeth for a more natural look. As he likes the result, we can proceed to the cementation.

résultat implant dentaire et couronnes patient satisfaiit clinique dentaire Sofia Bulgarie

7th Day, the final result may be appreciated. 

He retrieved the aesthetic and the functions of his dentition. Now, during his last days in Sofia, he may enjoy the leisure of the Bulgarian capital.


9th Day in Sofia, 3rd of December 2014. The eve of departure. 

Last photo for a souvenir and a promise to come visit us during his next holiday. We stay in contact for a regular follow-up.

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