Corinne testifies: Immediate implants with prof. Ihde

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Basal implant: Immediate and non invasive

Corinne from France explains what were the steps with Anveli to have a treatment with basal implantology.

Testimony before and after placement of implants

Corinne contacted us in Juin for her dental treatment. The only treatment that has been suggested to her in France was the placement of traditional implants requiring bone grafting. She was informed about the possibility to avoid bone grafting using basal implantology. However, no surgeon in France is certified for this kind of implantology. As Corinne was suspicious of having her treatment abroad far from her home, she wanted to be operated by professor Stefan Ihde. She contacted us as she knew that the team Anveli has French and Swiss specialists.

Photo results before and after implat placement

Prof Stefan Ihde : Surgery

The surgery was performed by professor Ihde. In 2 hours, all teeth were extracted and 10 + 8 basal implants Ihde Dental® (Oneway Biomed®) were placed.
The prosthetic stage was handled by doctor Olga Sipic. The color of teeth the patioent chose is A2.
Bridges were made by our prosthetic engeneer Yuri Mitrushchenkov. A Russian expert russe and a teacher in “International Implant foundation” specialist in prosthetic on basal implants.

Prof Stefan Ihde & Anveli Dental: Testimony

Just several hours after her surgery, Corinne shares her testimony. She can already fully use her teeth. All the team Anveli wishes her happy smiles. We thank her for her kindness and for accepting to testify in front of our camera.

The review of Corinne is now online. For more reviews you may follow our channel. : Channel Anveli.
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