Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Europe

chirurgie esthétique en Europe avec beauté et tourisme médical par Anveli Group

  • Quality & Security
    • 25 years of experience of Dr Petrov in USA, France and Switzerland
    • European warranty
    • High quality materials in accordance with European normes(ISO 9001)
    • Service in English during your stay. See your stay.
  • Prices
    • Bulgaria is the country with most advantageous taxes in Europe so that you can make savings up to 70% for the whole stay
    • - 25% for complementary surgeries.
  • Wellness
    • Wellness with Tourist package ”Light’’ adapted to your post operative needs.
    • Available driver for your transfers

What happens if I am not satisfied with the result on my return in UK/Switzerland?

Beauty and Medical tourism has selected best partner clinics. Thus, healthcare and follow up during all your stay is high quality. Thank to this, the possibility that a revision surgery will be necessary, is almost inexistent. However, even it is extremely rare, it may happen.
If any revision of your breast enlargement is necessary, Beauty and Medical Tourism will take in charge all fees related to your return to Bulgaria. Dr Petrov will make free of charge any revision if needed.

I want to undergo my surgery abroad, but how can I trust you?

Medical tourism, in particular for plastic surgery, has suffered from negative image recently, because of certain countries where surgeries are made on conveyer. Often, their local norms are away from european norms and standards. Hopefully, this practice disappears progressively, as patients are better informed.

Medical tourism abroad in Europe is a warranty that your surgery will be performed in exact accordance with the same normes in all European union. Surgeons are high qualified and members of european plastic surgeon association.

Beauty and Medical Tourism by Anveli group wanted to offer to patients the possibility of undergoing a surgery in a big european capital where all european standards are respected, but prices are affordable.
Surgery costs are affordable thanks to low tax rates imposed by bulgarian govrnment willing to develop medical tourism.

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