Dental care and implantology

Implantology and dental surgery is received in ultra modern clinics in Bulgaria and Hungary. Medical imaging form latest technology allows 3D previewing of results. Dental implants are made in Switzerland, crowns, bridges and dentures with ceramic and zirconium are made from CE certified material.

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Dental implant 290 €
Crown 139 €
Bridge 290 €
Fixed denture 1 990 €
Veneers 200 €
Dental care reimbursement

Preoperative exam

Before a dental surgery, dental surgeon usually prescribes, if you haven’t done it yet, a panoramic x-ray. It serves to evaluate your bone structure and to suggest you different appropriate treatments.

A detailed quote before your departure

implants dentaires prix tarifs chirurgien dentiste à l'étranger  Europe de l'est meilleurs bridges couronnes  pose consultation
A quote containing all details about the procedures of your treatment according European norms is presented to you. This quote contains:

  • The most appropriate therapeutic solution for your case.
  • The surgery techniques and possible risks.
  • Alternative solutions


Reimbursement of dental care in Hungary or in Bulgaria

reimbursment dental care abroad nhs cover dental implants

The placement of your dental implants, crown or bridge are reimbursed. If your health insurance covers dental implant placement and crowns in your country, you are entitled to be reimbursed. Actually, the European Union obliges NHS and private insurance companies to reimburse dental care received in a country of the European Union as if it has been received in your own country. You don’t need any preliminary permission. See how to get reimbursed…

What solution choose to regain beautiful teeth?

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A personalized quote is submitted to every patient. This quote guarantees the best result. Thus, for the one patient a dental surgery comprising implant and bridge placement and crown may be suggested. All these procedures allow to regain a bright smile.

Dental crown

couronne dentaire  vis titane dent pivot prix tarifs chirurgien dentiste  étranger bulgarie europe est france tunisie turquie

If the natural crown of a tooth is too damaged, but the root is intact, the dentist may place a crown as a cap, or place it on an inlay if ana malgame is impossible. Dental crown is placed also on titanium implants. Dental crowns are porcelaine-fused-to-metal, all-porcelaine or zirconia (zirconium). See crowns…

Dental implant

implant dentaire prix tarifs europe de l'est bulgarie sofia

Dental implant is THE solution for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants regain masticatory function, articulation and a perfect smile. They avoid the use of removable dentures and preserve the bone volume. Implantology with Anveli Medical ensure a maximum success rate in a latest generation dental clinic. A lifelong warranty for dental implants all made in Switzerland by Biomed®. See our implants…

Fixed denture

prothèse dentaire prix tarif implant dentaire bridge dentiste à l'étranger meilleur payer moins cher remboursement sécurité social information

also called « all on four » is the newest alternative in the dentures family. It makes possible the replacement of all teeth simultaneously by a denture fixed on 4 titanium implants. These dental implants are fixed in the bone of the jaw playing the role of tooth role. See fixed dentures…

Dental bridge

bridges prix information à l'étranger sofia bulgarie europe tunisie turquie qualite prothèse dentaire clinique dent dentiste

For one or two missing teeth, a bridge may be placed. This is a denture composed by the assembly of several dental crowns connected to each other placed on abutment teeth (or implants) forming a pontic. See bridges…


facette dentaire technique de pose prix information clinique dentiste Veneers are tiny shells of porcelain that cover the enamel of the teeth. They restore the discoloration of teeth, the slight alterations or slightly broken teeth. Dental veneers are usually placed on front teeth to regain a brilliant Hollywood smile.

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