Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is a denture that assemblies two or more dental crowns. It is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is fixed on the two anchoring teeth or implants on the two sides of the gap. An authenticity certificate ® is delivered after placement.

Costs and information

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  • Duration ofintervention: 40 min
  • Material Origin: Swiss, German

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is the assembly of dental crowns (usually 3) connected each other. Bridge comprises at least two crowns placed on abutment teeth. These abutment teeth serve to support the pontic (the false tooth) which replaces the missing tooth or teeth.

Advantages of bridge:

  • Aesthetic: Thanks to the high quality materials used made in Switzerland and Germany, bridge harmonizes perfectly with natural teeth.
  • Pragmatic: As it is a fixed denture, its cleaning just by brushing is very easy.
  • Functional: Bridge holds dentition stable and prevents teeth from migration..

Different ways of bridge placement

Bridge must be fixed on two abutments. These abutments may be either:

  • Natural teeth
  • Dental implants

Bridge placement on natural teeth

Surgery is performed on 3 steps:

  1. Abutment teeth are recontoured
  2. Impression is made by lab
  3. Dental surgeon proceeds to bridge placement and adjustment

Bridge placement on dental implants

In this case dental implants will serve as an abutment to fix bridge.

  1. Dental surgeon places dental implants
  2. Impression is made by the lab
  3. The dental surgeon fixes and adjusts the bridge.


Insurance reimbursement for a bridge

With Beauty and Medical Tourism, you receive your dental bridge treatment in Bulgaria (a member of European Union). As so, you benefeciate from the same rights of reimbursement as if you had received your treatment in UK or Switzerland. See with our experts who will help you calculate your reimbursement rights and explain you the administrative stages.

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