Dental implants

Dental implants are the best solution to replace one or more missing teeth. It gives natural look to the dentition and integrates perfectly in your mouth. For your surgery, we use exclusively Swiss made implants designed for quality treatment which allow fast and secure restoration of teeth. Every week, we have patients from whole Europe who are coming for both less expensive cost and mostly for dental surgeons who are among the best in their field.

Dental implants: Cost and information

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Hospitalisation: Ambulatory
Duration of surgery : 1 – 3 hours
Anaesthesia : Local
Duration of stay: 3-12 days
Cost: Placement included
Immediate loading 450-550 €
Classic implant 450 €
Dental implant is a screw that dental surgeon fixes on the maxilla or the mandible.
Dental implant is made from titan, which is a perfectly biocompatible and solid material. Dental implant are tooth roots replacement. It allows to create an anchoring capable to receive a crown, a bridge or a denture All-on-4.
It reproduces all essential functions of natural tooth aesthetically and functionally. It transmits masticatory forces to the bones just like the natural dental root.
Dental implants limit the bone loss of the jaw which intervenes naturally when there is a missing tooth.

Dental implant, the solution to replace missing teeth

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Dental implant is a screw that dental surgeon fixes on the jaw bone. A dental implant has many advantages over other techniques. Actually, it reproduces all essential functions of natural tooth aesthetically and functionally. It transmits masticatory forces to the bones just like the natural dental root.

Quality of dental implants

dental implant quality certificate guarantee

Dental implants’ quality has an essential role for surgery success. Dental implants used by our team are big names in the implant dentistry (Ivoclar® Valplast®) and are made in Germany and Switzerland.
All implants are CE certified (they have been controlled by an independent organism and their quality respects sanitary norms). In addition, a certificate of conformity is given to you for every implant placed .


Steps of implant placement

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    1. Before departure: In order to respect the surgery protocol, dental surgeon needs to be informed for previous interventions and health status. A radiograph is taken (panoramic x-ray to evaluate bone structure and define suitable dental implant treatment type).
      All these elements may be reported:
      -By your dentist: if he disposes of necessary equipment and he has already performed this procedure.
      -By dental surgeon partner of Beauty&Medical tourism: the closest partner to you. (check up included in price).
      -By x-ray clinic
      Radiograph expenses are included and covered by procedure price.
    2. An offer as well an alternative solution is sent to you. All European norms and obligations are respected. In the offer, dental and crown marks and types are described in details.
    3. Dental surgeon will see you for a consultation and he will carry out exams. With a scanner, your dentition is modeled in 3D to determine with precision implants’ placement for an optimal result.
    4. Surgery preparation and a local anaesthesia.

Surgery and dental care

dental implant placement on jaw

  1. Implant placement : In case of teeth extraction, they are replaced immediately. Surgery is done without blood transfusion and without pain under local anaesthesia.
  2. Impression of your teeth and gums is taken by dental technician and it is framed electronically. Then it transferred to partner laboratory to make the denture (the same as for Bridges, crowns and full dentures).
  3. Crowns, bridges or dentures are fixed on the 3rd day. This stage is called implant restoration in which arrangements are performed. Patient regains normal masticatory function immediately.

Dental care reimbursement in Bulgaria (Europe): If your health insurance covers dental implant placement and crowns in your country, you are entitled to be reimbursed. Actually, the European Union obliges NHS and private insurance companies to reimburse dental care received in a country of the European Union as if it has been received in your own country. You don’t need any preliminary permission. See how to get reimbursed

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Dental surgery results Delayed loading
Dental crowns Special offers and discounts
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