Dental implants
with delayed loading

dental implant with delayed loading cost technique risk dentist opinionThis technique was the rule until 1990’s. It is progressively replaced by the technique with immediate loading. However, it is applied in some clinical conditions. Implant is introduced in maxillary bone in a painless way with a local anaesthesia. Gum is closed and integration period starts (osteo integration). It lasts for 3 to 6 months. This period helps bone to consolidate and reconstruct around the implant.

After this period of osteointegration, dentures or crowns are placed. Patient regains a dentition, masticatory functions and normal sensations.

This method is performed only in few precise cases. Its success rates are unchanged (95% in 8 years).

The dental surgeon will be able to determine whether this surgery is appropriate for you by a panoramic x-ray.
Please, contact us, in order to obtain information about the nearest imaging centre.
In case of contraindications, other solutions exist like implants with immediate loading. Ask the opinion of the doctor on +33 3 67 07 89 49 or by completing the contact form


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