Extraction of all teeth and placement of basal implants BCS® (Without bone graft)

greffe osseuse et implant dentaire remplacer toutes les dents


Extraction of all teeth and immediate placement of
BCS® IHDE® BIOMED® implants – without sinus lift nor bone grafting

Placement of Ohde Dental implants immediately after all teeth extraction


13 – 20.11.2016
Teeth color : A2,
Porcelaine metal skeleton
BCS®  Ihde Dental® 


Patient’s preoperative situation

bone loss on panoramic x-ray before bone graft and sinus lift
Most of the teeth are either missing either suffering from infection and parodontal pockets that make them unstable.

Prise en charge:
hotel Lozenetz. Transfer + accommodation.

Medical imaging, scanner and 3D X-ray
Consultations with members of the medical team and the manager Mr Aubry
treatment plan that has been proposed to the patient before his arrival which was:
The state of teeth doesn’t allow their restoration.

Le traitement:

surgery animation 3D and placement of dental implant bcs ihde
It is performed in 4 days under the dispositions of new generation basal implants protocole.
Day 1: Consultation, medical imaging, medical contract
Day 2: Surgery:
-Extraction of all teeth,
-Placement of 10 implants
-Gingiva plasttic restoration
– Work in the laboratory (without the presence of patients)
Day 3: Try of templates, Essai des gabarits, work in the laboratory (without the presence of patients)
Day 4: Placement and fixing of definitive prothetics (bridges), adjustments and balance of the occlusion.

After surgery control

placement of crowns result and a fixed prosthetic on all teeth

Jour 5
The patient is present during 2 more days that allow to make last precise adjustments of comfort.


Documents and medical file are given to the patient giving him the opportunity to receive reimbursement of his NHS and his health insurance. They are drafted in French with the system of the french NHS so he can claim a reimbursement of the treatment.

review of a patient who has had his treatment in Bulgaria

First impressions of the patient after going out of Anveli Dental Clinic

The successful rate of BCS new generation basal impants BCS is higher than the methods of traditional implantology, but we remind that the success of a treatment depends also on the respect of post surgical protocol by the patient that includes a strict oral hygiene.
Testimony given at the end of treatment in front of the clinic.
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