Full restoration of two jaws with Emax press

BCS implants and Emax press porcelain


French patient, from 8 to 18 May 2015.

Before the surgery

patient édenté completement

Before his coming:
Le patient est édenté du maxillaire et de la mandibule

Day 1:
As the patient has a heart disease, a consultation with the cardiologist allows controlling his constants before the surgery. He receives appropriate treatment to undergo his surgery the next day.
Consultation with both dental surgeons takes place. Thus, we may precisely define the patient’s wishes, both functionally and aesthetically.

After the surgery


Jour 2:
The first surgery is on the maxilla, 10 KOS and BCS (designed for immediate loading) type Biomed implants are placed.
An impression with occlusal balance analysis is made and is sent immediately in our dental laboratory.
An X-ray shows that all implants are correctly positioned. No adjustment is necessary.


Day 3:
24 hours after the surgery, there is a test of mold. Then this one returns to the lab for the last step – the realization of the bridge in Bredent BioHPP then be realized.

Day 4:
The bridge on the maxilla is fixed.

Days 5, 6 and 7:
The same steps are repeated for the mandible. A bridge of 14 crowns Bredent is fixed on 8 Biomed implants.


Jour 8:
After final adjustments and balancing of dental quadrant, our patient retrieves his smile again. He is ready to go back to Alsace on the next day.



Thank you for his positivism and good mood that helped all the medical team to care in best conditions.
We stay at his disposal for postoperative follow-up.

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