Immediate BCS Implant by prof Stefan Ihde

avant et après le remplacement de toutes les dents implants basal

Basal implant, testimony on surgery, pain, review

before and after replacement of all teeth basal implants

Nagette, FRANCE

Surgery: Prof Stefan Ihde
Dental technician: Olja Sipic

Place of treatment: Belgrade

Implants: 10+8 BCS® Biomed®
Prosthetics: 2 Bi composite Bridges (75% porcelaine 25% bio compatible composite)

Color: A2


Situation before treatment

fast treatment of periodontitis

Before treatment:
Patient’s teeth are with caries, suffer from periodontotitis or are missing. There is presence of mulitple infections and a gum inflammation.
Day 1: Medical imaging is realised in 3D so that the team of 3 prosthetic technicians carries out a morphological simulation. The choice of most adapted positions intervenes.

Basal dental implant Ihde Dental for immediate loading

The surgery:
It is performed by professor Ihde, with dental basal implants range. BCS® and immediate implantation protocole.

replacement of all teeth with a bridge on immediate implants
Prosthetic stage:
It is performed by Dr Olga Sipic, under the supervision and control of professor Ihde. It is a very important stage for the aesthetic and functional success of this treatment. In this case, it is a Bi composite bridge, a new technology specially developped by prof. Stefan Ihde for BCS® implant. It allows to consolidate the success rate in alleviating the bridge. Moreover, it gives an aesthetic effect that is impossible to obtain with any ohetr materials for now.
This is the material that we recommend.

In the present case, the patient has a severe bone atrophy. Two choices are offered to her to maintain a stable occlusion. Either to make longer teeth, either to apply a tiny layer of false gum made of bi composite. The latter allows to obtain the most beautiful result and that prevents food to slide between the bridge and the gum. Rose porcelaine is made in the same color and shape as the natural gum of the patient. The result of the mouth is fabulous, the tinest details have been simulated. Additionnaly, the comfort is improved comparing to bridge without a false gum. Over time, the bridge doesn’t leave rough borders to appear.
!!! This is system is impossible to compare to prosthetics on implants of All-on-4 or All on 6 type. The bi-composite with or without a false gum is quite more tiny and light. The thickness is identique to the one of natural gum and teeth. The palate is not covered.!!

After 4 days of treatment

Nagette has recovered her smile. Sensations that has been lost years ago reappear now. The jaw will stay numb during one more week.
The successful rate of Le taux de réussite du basal implant protocole BCS-mu is higher than traditional implantology, but keep always in mind that you, the patient, has the most important role of the success of the treatment in mis- and long-term.

The testimony of Nagette with subtitles is online. You may follow our channel by clicking here: Channel Anveli.
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