KOS implants, before after results

Eésultat avant après du traitement

BCS Implants, crestal implants and natural teeth

Résultat avant après du traitement

Russian patient, from 4 to 9 july, then from 7 to 12 november 2014.

Before the surgery

parodontie dents déchaussées écartée chirurgie dentaire implant

The patient suffers from a severe periodontitis. Therefore, teeth are loosened and unstable.

dents abimées soins dentaire préparation piliers pour couronnes

Incisors are extracted. Premolars and molars may be conserved, so they are treated and recontoured in order to receive the dental bridge..

Couronnes et implant dentaires

Dental implants, type KOS, replacing incisors and dental bridge on the maxilla are fixed. Guides are placed before making impressions of the mandible.

After the surgery

résultat avant après implant couronne dentaire Sofia Hongrie Bulgarie

Final results on the 4th day of the second visit.
She was able to retrieve a normal chewing comfort.
The incisors based on KOS implants must be free of pressure for another two months.

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