Ludovic gives his opinion on immediate implants

implants immédiats avis et témoignages de patient

Opinion on basal implants

Testimony before, during and after treatment

immediate implants opinion and testimony of patient
Ludovic from Paris (France),
from 15 to 22 August 2017.

Ludovic from France contacted Anveli in Juin to receive a treatment with basal implants with professor Ihde. His treatment started on 15 August 2017. He was suffering from a severe periodontitis that imposed extraction of all teeth and a gingival plastic restoration to heal the gums. The number of implants depends on the size of dental arch and on the bone quality. In this case, professor Ihde decided that it was necessary to place 12 implants on the upper jaw and 10 implants on the lower jaw.
As the exact number of implants was impossible to determine on distance, there was no change of the tariff even with the additional implants. The initial quote was respected. Ask your quote for a similar treatment.


We thank Ludovic for his video testimony. It arrives soon.

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