New generation implants with bone loss

implants de nouvelle génération pour traitement des pertes osseuses

New generation implant for treating a bone loss

implant dentaire basal nouvelle générationClaude from France testifies on his treatment for a complete dental restoration. He benefited from new generation implants made in Switzerland. This allowed him to retreive a new dentition most close to his natural one.

Toothless with an important bone loss

patient édenté voyage tourisme médical en BulgarieClaude has been edentulous on both of his jaws from long years. A long period without teeth has caused an important bone loss. After many consultations in France, the two treatment that has been suggested to him were the placement of a “fixed” denture on 4 implant or a bone grafting. With the first solution, the denture should be removed every evening from the clips. The second suggestion requires several years of treatment. He finally chose to travel with Anveli Dental Bulgaria for his dental treatment.

The new generation implantology solution

Surgery new generation basal implants placementAfter a lot of research on different options of treatment, he found the new generation basal implantology that allows him to have a fixed dental bridge on implants in an one week treatment.
This concept is performed by micro perforation. Thus it is not necessary to wait for cicatrisation nor osteointegration. The placement of implants may be done without a bone grafting as the implants are anchored in the cortex.

Anveli Dental and prof Stefan Ihde

avis témoignage implant nouvelle génération patient anveli dentalWith Anveli, Claude was operated by professor Ihde, the inventor of basal implantology. The first day 11 basal implants Le premier jour 11 implants Ihde Dental® were placed, and 8 implants Ihde Dental® followed on the next day.
The prosthtic stage was controlled by Doctor Olga Sipic. Bridges in bi-composite were crafted by a team of 4 international technicians. The patient has chose the color A2 for his new teeth. This color has the advantage to look very natural for a person on his age.

Anveli Dental: Review after his treatment

Claude testifies on his experience with Anveli Dental, on pain, on duration of treatment and on his opinion on Anveli team after les douleurs ressenties, le temps de traitement et son avis sur l’équipe Anveli après la complete restoration of both jaws.
All the team Anveli wishes him a happy smile and thank him for accepting to stand before our camera.

Video review on new generation basal implants is coming soon.

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