Postoperative instructions after basal implants placements

postoperative instructions after dental implant surgery

Vous have been operated in Anveli. Basal implants new generation type of Biomed BCS / KOS or BOI were placed. These are important things to know for the success and the good performance of the treatment


postoperative instructions by 10 points after the implant placement (s) Dental (s) basal Biomed:

PAIN: This may occur after surgery for the placement of dental implant and can be very variable intensity depending on the case. Take medication used against pain before it will appear as soon as possible, in the hour following the procedure. Repeat this decision necessary. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
BLEEDING: A discreet bleeding that shade of red saliva is normal the first 2 to 3 days. Avoid rinsing and spitting, this aggravating the bleeding. If the bleeding is persistent, bite on dry gauze folded in the place that is bleeding for 30 minutes.
EDEMA: Although the procedure is less invasive than traditional implants, in some cases, when it occurred extractions, can swell your cheek. Apply during the early hours bag (in cloth) of ice on the cheek. The swelling is at its maximum on the second day. Avoid heat.
TEMPERATURE: It can reach 38 ° C during the first 48 hours of operation.
MOUTHWASH: You can make mouthwash for 1 week every 3 months.
WHAT DO NOT EAT: Eat avoiding foods and drinks too hot during the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. Avoid hard foods for 3 to 6 months.
DISCOMFORT: It is normal, your bite has changed and the place that takes the bridge in your mouth is more important than natural teeth. Your organization must assimilate your new teeth. The assimilation period is highly variable and ranges from 1 week to 6 months.
CLEANING: We recommend buying a water pick (oral shower type “ORAL B Waterjet MD16 U”) and use 1 time per day from the 4th postoperative week. It will eliminate the foods that can be placed between the bridge and the gum. The cleaning brush to normal is performed 3 times / day.
INFECTIONS: After installation of basal implants, with or without extractions, more or less important infections can occur in the first month after surgery. In basal implantology, infections are not, in most problematic cases when treated early with antibiotics. Since there are no screws, the risk of peri implantitis (loss of implant) is almost zero. If you think an infection appears, call or write an email to your post operative service that will tell you what to do.
In all cases, the Anveli tracking service remains available.

Here dental implant clinic statistics for 2015 y.

-Number Of implant placed: 2592
-Number Of implant lost: 0
-Implantology success -Rate 100%
-Number Back after breaks or defection of a crown: 3
Reasons returns due to defections / breaks on 3 crowns (cited above):

Gingival resorption: Responsibility: Patient smoking (20 cigs / day.). State the problem: Resolved, change bridges realized. (Supports 100% despite the non-compliance with instructions)
Casse a bridge BIO HPP: Responsibility: Bredent / Anveli (brand design fault Bredent). State the problem: Change bridge realized (Support 1000% Care + accommodation)
Enamelling of a bridge bindings: Not define Responsibility: patient being extreme bruxism (teeth grinding chronic) -Patiente smoker. State the problem: Change the scheduled bridge. (Supports 100% of care + accommodation)
Statistical analysis:
On 2592 implants placed in 2015, there is no implant has been “lost.”
3 minor problems on implants appeared to have been settled by the complete replacement of the bridge and supported 100%.
We note that for 2 of the 3 problems, post-operative instructions were not respected, hence the importance of carefully liter article above.
It is noted that in the remaining case, the problem encountered was the design of facets on the bridge Bredent brand (German brand). We have since changed prosthetic system and are now working only in CAD CAM A ++.
If the protocol is fully respected, it is estimated that the success rate is close to 100%. For patients who smoke, although the success rate remains higher than traditional implants, the success rate drops to around 96%. The Biomed brand allows to benefit from a lifetime warranty on the dental implant and 10 years on the intervention.

Given the success rate obtained, we just estimate the Anveli success rate as among the best in Europe.

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