Complete restoration of dentition (teeth)

Complete restoration of all teeth

Photo before restoration after full mouth with all teeth and dental implant placement


French patient of Roanne,
from 21 to 30 March 2016
A1 color, materials: Ceramometallique CAD – CAM A ++ Class

Before the operation

smile periodontitis with loose teeth gums

Before the treatment:
The patient presents a bone atrophy, many radiculo-dental infections and periodontitis widespread resulting in a loose teeth and acute pain.

Day 1:
The patient arrived in Sofia together with his friend Isabelle, who made his care last year. Welcomed at Sofia airport on Sunday evening by our transfer service, they are taken to the apartment available to them.

panoramic x-ray patient reaches of periodontitis of cyst and infection of the gums. Heaving of all teeth

Day 2:
First step in our medical imaging section or our team of radiologist realizes 3D panoramic x-rays and millimeter.
The patient meets our cardiologist who takes his blood pressure and realizes various tests of Allergology.
Finally, she met Dr. Noori and Dr. AlShahuan. The first who explain throughout the trial procedure and Protocol, the second for aesthetic and functional prosthesis choices. (Bridge)

Bridge crowns metallo ceramic dental implant care quality black gum avoid

The operation, the placement of the basal dental implants:
The patient with advanced periodontitis, no tooth can be stored. The choice is so taken with it to achieve the extraction of all the teeth. Following protocol Biomed, BCS and KOS implants are placed one after the other on the set of the jaw bone. The everything is done with an apparatus and surgical tools Swiss specially adapted and designed for this type of implant. This allows not of separation of the gums. It is important, so that loading is immediate that the gum to suffer the least possible trauma to ensure immediate loading.
After the placement of the 10 implants, a tummy of the gum is made. This will reduce the risk of resorption of the gums that occurs after an extraction.
The operation lasted two hours.
Fingerprinting is performed, this part directly in our lab, on-site for the study of the arcades and morphological simulation which will allow the production of Crowns. The team of laboratory assistants will work 20 hours exclusively in perfect crowns and bridges.

After the operation

result dental implant crowns after care

Day 3:
Test the template (a bridge of study) to confirm the successful completion of the molding and the study. We can check with the patient received comfort. This phase lasts only 20 to 30 minutes, which takes place the day after the operation. The patient has felt no pain. She will follow preventive antibiotic treatment for 10 days. She took painkillers for the two hours that followed the intervention. Feeling no pain post surgery.

fixing of the dental bridge on implants refund of the Act risk

Day 4: the quality A ++ ceramometalique bridge realized in CAD CAM is made, it requires no editing in the laboratory and will be fixed immediately. Our patient has already completed half of the treatment and she already can smile

Day 5, 6, 7 and 8: the same steps are repeated for the mandible (lower jaw) and then a dentomaxillaire balancing allows adjustment of occlusion ensuring the distribution of the masses on the set of teeth and the greatest comfort.

result after dental implant and restore full mouth all teeth

After 8 days of treatment. She may eat but should, for 4 to 6 months, eating food mole, (avoid hard foods like peanuts, hard meat etc…). Also, she must keep impeccable oral hygiene with the use of a water (oral shower) that will help clean up the bridge. Tours of controls being recommended, she will send us a panoramic x-ray after 6 months, 1 year and 24 months. A post-operative record will be provided indicating different instructions to respect.
The certificate of authenticity of implants Biomed with a number of follow-up and guaranteed is also given.

smile dental care in Bulgaria Sofia afterDentist and patient care in Bulgaria Sofia

After 8 days of treatment, our patient finds a beautiful smile. After the doubts that precede the achievement of care in a foreign country, it's a magical moment that created strong links between the patient and the medical team that the followed during this period.

Although the success rate of the basal technique new generation is higher compared to that of traditional implantologies methods, the success of the treatment lies in the respect of the operating procedure and post operatively. Also, the patient plays an important role in the success of the treatment.
Testimony shot with a cellphone at the end of treatment, on the way back to the airport with Anveli Clinic Manager.
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