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résultat avant après implant dentaire basal couronne zircone Bredent

Patient français, du 9 au 19 février 2015.

Before the surgery

bouche problème buco-dentaire, déchaussement des dents édentée

Before his arrival:

The patient had dental surgery in Hungary where he underwent a bone graft and placement of a dental implant (Unknown Brand)
After extracting 9 teeth in France, he contacted Anveli Medical. His dental implant placed in Hungary was causing him mild pain.
During the first consultation, the dentist finds an advanced deterioration of the dental implant placed in Hungary.
It is therefore necessary to proceed to its extraction at the same time with extraction of the remaining teeth.

Après l’opération

Day 1:

The extraction of teeth and the implant was made, dental implants Biomed® are immediately placed on the maxilla (upper jaw).
1 hour after the operation, it is observed the absence of hematoma and lesions. During the next 24 hours, the implants are protected from pressure.
Impression is made by the dental technician.

prise d'empreinte implant dentaire

Day 2:

24 hours after the operation, we make a first test of the bridge from BioHPP® of Bredent® (Germany).
This one is sent again in the laboratory for 24 hours to fix crowns Visio Lign® Bredent®. More aesthetic and comfortable than zirconia crowns, this is the last generation material, made in Germany.

Day 3:

Back from the laboratory, the dental bridge in BioHPP Bredent® returns with its Viso lign® crowns.
It can be now placed on the maxilla.

It was necessary to put a false gum on the bridge (pink part) to compensate for a lack of gingival tissue and give a totally natural look to the false teeth.

résultat de la pose d'implant dentaire Bulgarie Hongrie

From 4th to 7th day:

The same steps are repeated for the lower jaw after making checks by medical imagery.

The 8th day:

All treatment was terminated after only 8 days of procedures.

The patient hasn’t felt any pain during this period.


patient francais et docteur  chirurgien dentiste bulgarie sofia

The last 2 days:

Our patient is fully satisfied!
He can enjoy the two days he has left Sofia for sightseeing with his wife who accompanied him during his stay.
He was very kind and agreed to answer well to some questions of our press office.

testimonial chirurgie dentaire implant en hongrie bulgarie


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