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For an implantology, a safe and upscale dental surgery. Our dental clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria, thanks to his recognized dentists and the latest equipment ensure a safe outcome and quality. The main objective of the clinical Nurident – Medical Anveli is to ensure that all patients in our clinic have maximum comfort; safety and satisfaction at a cost two to three times lower than in France.

Dental clinic Anveli

Dental clinic in Sofia Bulgaria budapest HungaryThe dental clinic Anveli Medical Nurident is an upscale center, whose highly trained surgeons are recognized on an international level. Its equipment is the latest generation, prostheses and implants from Switzerland guarantees the best quality of care. See…  Dental clinic

Reimbursement of dental care in Hungary or in Bulgaria

soins dentaires à l'étranger remboursement  sécurité sociale en France implant dentaire couronne bridgeThe placement of your dental implants, crown or bridge are reimbursed. If your health insurance covers dental implant placement and crowns in your country, you are entitled to be reimbursed. Actually, the European Union obliges NHS and private insurance companies to reimburse dental care received in a country of the European Union as if it has been received in your own country. You don’t need any preliminary permission. See… how to get reimbursed…

A detailed quote

detailed quote consultation dentist surgeon sofia Bulgaria

Get a free quote containing all details about the procedures of your treatment according European norms is presented to you. This quote contains the most appropriate therapeutic solution for your case, the surgery techniques and possible risks and alternative solutions.

We send you a list of information that you need to fulfill with your médical and dental history such as some heart diseases and allergies. If you have already extracted some of your teeth, we need also the dates of these extractions.

A panoramic x-ray is indispensable to a establish a detailed quote (27,30 – 30 €). Our consultants inform you for the nearest x-ray centre.

Dental implantology with Anveli

Price basal implantDental implants used byour team are big names in the implant dentistry, Nobel® or Biomed® and are made in Germany and Switzerland.
All implants are CE certified (they have been controlled by an independent organism and their quality respects sanitary norms). In addition, a certificate of conformity is given to you for every implant placed .
See: Dental implant

Immediate loading

Price immediate loading dental implant

Immediate loading on implants is technique that consist in the placement of the implant together with the crown for only 3 days. Implant placement may be performed on an already edentulous zone as well directly after a tooth extraction. Direct placement of implants prevents of bone loss which is the usual consequence after a teeth loss.

See… immediate loading

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