Steps to follow before your medical travel

Contact us using our Contact form or call us on +359 884 169 710 (fixed phone cost). Our assistants will explain you in details the steps you need to follow and documents to send us.

These steps are simple and fast. They depend on the intervention you would like to receive.

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For a placement of dental implant

implant dentaire basal prix

Two variants are possible (refer to Chapter  dental implant ). Crestal implant (classic) or new generation basal implants ( Type KOS / BCS).
If all the conditions are met, the placement of new generation implant basal-type KOS / BCS will be suggested. Thus, we can avoid bone grafting or sinus lift and we can finish the treatment in only one visit of few days. Otherwise classic implants will be offered.

Dental panoramic X-ray

radio panoramique avant la pose d'implant dentaire basal rapideA panoramic X-ray must be provided.
It is essential to define exactly what care you need and validate the feasibility of the treatment.
If you do not have one or your dentist hasn’t provided it to you, you can go to the nearest radiology center in your area.

Find a radiology cabinet near my home

Stages before dental implant surgery

Before departure: In order to set up an operational protocol and offer different variants of treatment, the dentist team should be informed of patient’s medical history. This is why, а preoperative questionnaire will be given to you. Also radiology examinations will be carried out (panoramic X-ray to assess bone structure and specify the type of implant). If you don’t already have a panoramic radio, we will give you the address of a radiology center near to your home.
If some teeth need to be extracted, the extraction is performed in our clinic immediately prior to implants placement. Thus, a better bone integration is ensured. If extraction is already done, you need to wait four months for implant surgery.

An accurate quote is sent to you indicating an alternative solution respecting all European standards and requirements. The quote details the types and brands of implants and crowns that will be placed.
In some cases, when the diagnosis cannot be made with absolute accuracy, we will tell you the range of maximum and minimum price for the treatment.

We will prepare your travel. Usually it’s one of the English speaking advisors who follow you from the beginning who will be in charge. He will also meet you at the airport on your arrival and take you to your hotel.

Finally you meet the dental surgeon for your first consultation, after having new x-rays. He will explain the surgery in details. The cardiologist will carry out various health examinations.

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